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Michel Desjoyeaux/PRB
photo Yamamoto Shunichi

Michel Desjoyeaux/60ft PRB
Record winner 93 days solo non stop round
the world sailing race Vendee Globe '00-01.
Raisable twin rudders,
canting keel and unique
cradle structured
living module inside cabin
to keep skipper horizontally.
Vincent Riou on this boat won next Vendee
Globe '04-05 in 87 day new sailing record.
architects Groupe Finot

deck architect Marc Lombard

~VFEfWCI/q yA[x r@
i PƖ`EEL^'01-04 j
@TEIE/q yA[x r@
i PƖ`EPEL^'05 j

Michel Desjoyeaux
photo Yamamoto Shunichi

Michel Desjoyeaux
'00-01  singlehanded non stop round the world
            sailing race Vendee Globe winner
'02       solo transat sailing race Route du Rhum
'04       solo transat sailing race The Transat
            ( ex Ostar ) winner
'08-09  singlehanded non stop round the world
            sailing race Vendee Globe winner

00-01 l񃔃@fEO[uPƖ`Ebg[XD@

02      掵񃋃gEhDEPƑ吼mfbg[XD
04      UEgTbgiIX^[jPƑ吼mfbg[XD@
08-09 Z񃔃@fEO[uPƖ`Ebg[XD@

canting keel system PRB
photo Yamamoto Shunichi

hydraulic canting keel system PRB

q PRB r@“u@

living module PRB
photo Yamamoto Shunichi

tackle controlled living module PRB
on universal joint

q PRB r@j@[TWCg

Jean Marie Finot
photo Yamamoto Shunichi

Jean Marie Finot
Groupe Finot


Marc Lombard
photo Yamamoto Shunichi

Marc Lombard

Vendredi 13 Ecureuil d'Aquitaine II Helvim
Cacolac d'Aquitaine Bagages Superior Aquitaine Innovations
Geodis PRB Kingfisher





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